TheLinkCompany pairs the best creative professionals in the UK and abroad with the best UK remote freelance jobs.

TheLinkCompany for freelancers

Complete control over how you work

Set your availability, negotiate your own rate, and manage all your freelance work in one location.

Never chase payments again

All freelancer payments are handled by ThelinkCompany. That means all your payments are guaranteed and secured.

Direct communication between you and clients

On ThelinkCompany, there's no filtered conversations and no middlemen 'negotiating' on your behalf.

TheLinkCompany for clients

Access to elite freelancers UK-wide

TheLinkCompany is an exclusive network of the very best, industry-vetted freelancers in the creative and tech sector.

All your freelancers, in one place

One platform to find the perfect freelancer, manage their engagement and favourite for the next project!

Free to add brief

We only get paid when we deliver. All fees are on top of a freelancer's rate and visible to all parties. Transparency wins.

What our community is saying about Thelinkcompany

It has been thanks to The Link Company that my UX career is off to a flying start, so I see great value in the service and believe it'll be a huge part of how we all find work in the future.
Adam Sendler
Implementing The Link Company has taken much of the manual management out of this system, reducing administrative workload and improving operational efficiency.
Mike Stuart